About This Site

(for updates on what I'm doing in general, check out my writer blog: The Daring Novelist)

Some things to know:

*I have barely started building this blog, so not only are the dust covers not off the furniture, the furniture itself is all jumbled in a pile in the middle of the room.  

*New Covers to be posted on Sundays. (Sometimes I'll post early, but I also put covers up on Self-Pub Book Covers, under the name DaringNovelist, and I have decided to take some time to sort out which should be put here and which there.)

*I don't like "Book Title Goes Here" and "Author Name" on the cover, so I make up titles and author names. Or maybe I'll use some old classics (or non-classics) once in a while. I think it gives a better idea of what the cover looks like with a real title or name.

*For now my custom prices are not going to be much higher than the pre-made prices, so if you want some work done, use the contact form in the right hand column, and ask!

*Expect new ideas and services to crop up as I get the site in place:  full-cover premades for print, logos, chapter heading art for print or electronic, custom templates for branding series, non-custom templates for ultra-cheap covers for short fiction, poetry and family histories -- and other works that are not expected to make much money.

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