Saturday, February 27, 2016

Night Sky - a dark horse steps forward

"Night Sky" premade bookcover. $100. (Price includes typography setting your title and support text, and some minor image customization.)

An abstracted dark horse, steps out of mottled blue background.  Because it is abstract, this cover emphasizes the subject matter -- a horse.  It is suitable for horse stories, or horse-oriented mysteries or fantasy/paranormal.  The background evokes a night sky, perhaps a winter sky with large snow flakes, and a horse stepping out o the shadows. It would be great for a Christmas horse story.  The bright colors in particular indicate a festive element.  However, the darkness suggests a mystery -- whether it's the mystery of an unexpected gift, or the mystery of the talent of a dream horse, or an actual crime to be solved.  (This image could also be easily customized with different colors or a different background texture, to indicate other genres more strongly.)

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